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a photo of owner of Raspberry Creative Type

My name is Heather Macpherson, and I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I have been designing for major UK publishers for over the past 12 years.

After being full-time employed for 9 years by publishing companies, I decided to go travelling for a year with my husband on an extended honeymoon. When I came back I thought the time was right to start up my own design and typesetting business.

I enjoy the mix of typesetting and cover design. Each requires a completely different way of thinking and working. It's always challenging and always exciting!

Business has gone from strength to strength and every day I look forward to creating something new and exciting for the world to see.

'I'm based in Edinburgh but really I work worldwide.

I love design, and working with type, it gives a new twist on how we look at and explore life.'

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